SIEMS Network offers wireless broadband connectivity for individuals and corporate firms. We have designed and own our infrastructure from our network operation centre (NOC) in the state throughout the satellite circuit to our Hub infrastructure where there are two redundant backbone connections to the internet backbone.


We are also to design any IP connectivity solution and we also offer various broadband and IP base services. Our service offering also include private network and multimedia service. Our product suit in best using up-to the minute generation technology in internet of UHP (ultra high power) wireless USB Adapter of 500MW and 1000MW, and has a support of the most experienced customers services on a 24/7 duration. 

TerraWave 501621 MIMO Patch Antenna, 6 dBi with RPSMA Plug Connector

TerraWave 515085 High Density Quad Patch Antenna, 4 dBi with RPTNC Plug Connectors

TerraWave 515086 High Density Quad Patch Antenna, 6 dBi with RPTNC Plug Connectors

White WLAN Patch Antenna 10dB 2.4GHz SMA Female Connector